If you want to be a writer, you should write as often as you can. Most writers begin with a first draft that has many spelling and grammar errors. In addition, there may be places where the story doesn’t make sense, or where something has been left out. But that’s okay. Writing the first draft is a time to get all of your ideas out.

After the first draft is completed, it’s time to revise. Try reading your draft aloud to someone else. Listen for mistakes, and then ask what they liked and didn’t like. Notice when they laugh or when they look bored. Then make your changes accordingly. Check the spelling of words you are not certain. Remember your main character should need or want something very much, have obstacles in his or her way, and be able to find some kind of solution to solve their problem. After you have completed all of your revisions, write another draft of your story. Some writers have been known to write more than ten drafts of the same story!